Hello there!

We create
animated videos*

for media agencies

*Such as Motion Graphics, Explainer videos, 2D animations and more

We make animated videos suitable for any use, from commercial to promotional, from social media to corporate.

Some of our video products:

Our animated video techniques:

Who we are

About Us

Hello there!

We are Guacamole, an Italian ADV agency specialized in the development and production of animated videos with different styles and techniques.

We provide Video Production Services tailored to your budget. Our model starts from the initial briefing to the final execution. You can also choose to use just some of our services, most suitable to your needs. 

Our services

Our creatives can write a script from your initial briefing to push a service, a product or a brand

Our art directors prepare a storyboard from a script to show how the video will unfold

Our graphic designers create a unique and custom style for your video illustrations

Our digital artists bring the video to life by following scripts and storyboards and using the style created by the illustrators

We have experienced voice actors available to give all kinds of nuances to your video. You will be able to choose from a variety of voices which best fit your style.

The right soundtrack can make all the difference. Our experts can help you choose sounds and music to make your video project truly memorable.

Some of our customers:

Why working with us:

A dedicated contact

Our contact will follow all production steps and be ready to understand your needs.

We think like you

We care about achieving concrete results and performance is our main goal.

Quality & price

We employ only the best professionals, useful for the execution of your project.

Our 4 steps work-process

We meet

We go trough ideas and we develop an action plan.

We answer what and how.

We plan

We split big projects in small steps:
easy to check and to evaluate.

We deliver

We know the importance of deadlines.
We deliver the product your agency asked for.

We start again

88% of our business partners work with us long term.

That’s our goal!

Message us and schedule a free meeting:


We are available to talk M to F, 10 am to 18 pm

!!! Please note !!!

We do not contact “anyone”.
Your email is not part of any sort of mailing list. 

We scout possible partners and we send communications manually.

Guacamole S.r.l. | P. IVA IT15983761006 Registered Office: Via del Mare, 38 Pomezia – 00071 (RM) ITALY
Locations: ROME | MILAN | LATINA

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